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Getting things cheap or free may end up costing you more than you think. Take a look at the actual cost of getting things free or cheap.


Bottlenecks and breakthroughs can easily be misunderstood, so we break them down in a simple way to understand.


You may think you have a problem, but the reality may be that you just have a decision you need to make. We take a look at the difference between problems and decisions on this episode.


Some quick tips on how to handle life’s unexpected twists and turns.


Four agreements you should make with yourself in order to thrive.

How to avoid bad conclusions

We take a look at the difference between correlation and causation to avoid incorrect conclusions.

Can you ensure change happens?

We take a look at how to make change happen by changing the systems you have in place.

farm sense

We take a look at how working on a farm can teach us some vital skills to get better results in life.

Which Lens Are You Using?

A camera analogy is used to explain how important our point of view can be.

Is Your Offer Persuasive

We take a look at what is involved in making a persuasive offer and how effective it can be for marketing and sales.


Join me here as I help you learn ways to flourish and thrive in your life and business.