Want to get your digital pictures in order??

If you have a million pictures on your hard drive… like I do… then you need to take a look at this cool software I have been closely involved with since it’s birth. It’s called Fotobounce, and it is a really amazing face recognition tool that looks at your digital pictures and finds the faces in them. It then analyzes all your other pictures to determine who else is in them… helping you organize your photos based on faces rather than randomly assigned numbers. You do of course have to train Fotobounce who the faces are…

But once you do, that is when the fun begins. Need pictures of you and grandma? Just ask it to find them. it goes into your computer and finds all the pictures of you and grandma. Then you can create an album of just that. Very cool.

That doesn’t even begin to describe all the extra things the software does… including sharing, facebook, mobile access and more.

The very best part of all of this… while it will eventually sell for $99, for now, early adopters get it for free.

Download Fotobounce today!