My Personal 2013 Plan

New Years resolutions seem to come and go. And for me, I’ve been through a lot of them. I’ve had many resolutions. And in the last couple of years, I have discovered a secret to actually implementing them. I have to tell someone. I have done this privately with Becky as well as my business mentors and coaches.

But, 2013 I want to step it up a notch. I want to make some of my goals public so you can hold me to them.

So, here is my official list of professional goals for 2013 that I am choosing to make public.

  1. Provide 40, five minute or less, whiteboard training videos on this site. I’m going to call this series “Thrive in 5” and I am happy to say, I have the first one complete. Marketing Structure Video
  2. Read one book a week in 2013. I’m going to make my reading list and notes about each available here. Tom Adams 2013 Reading List
  3. Publish at least 20 articles in print magazines or professional publications. I’m excited to say I’ve just officially become a columnist with SDB Magazine. My first article will appear in their January/February edition due out next month.
  4. Do at least 10 speeches. I’m excited that two are already booked for the year.
  5. To accompany my book getting published last year, I want to publish two more significant projects this year. I am working on a web marketing book and I have another project waiting in the wings.
  6. Deliver at least 6 of my Thrive Newsletters in 2013.

Those are my current goals as it relates to my professional life. I’ll keep you posted.

Let me know at least one of your goals for 2013 and how you are planning to implement.