Brian Moyer — Technology Entrepreneur & Leader, Advisor and Innovator

Episode 005

April 20, 2023

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In this episode of the Advisory Board {INSIDER} podcast, Brian Moyer shares his experiences in the world of entrepreneurship, beginning with his own financial planning firm and into the tech sector, finding a passion for software development.

Eventually he became the CEO of the Nashville Technology Council. During his tenure, Brian witnessed significant growth in the city’s tech sector, attracting major companies like Amazon and Oracle.

Brian discusses the importance of advisory boards, explaining how his experience as a CEO and founder has allowed him to assist other companies in doing better. He emphasizes the importance of having clarity on a business’s goals and challenges, as well as finding the right people with specific skills to help achieve those goals.

The conversation also delves into his new adventure, founding a venture studio, which combines aspects of venture funds, accelerators, and incubators.

Offering a deep glimpse into his personal journey, my conversation with Brian highlights his continued dedication to entrepreneurial innovation and success within the technology industry.

Brian Moyer
Trusted Advisor | Technology Nerd | Creative Problem Solver | Certified Chair


00:00 – Introduction
01:28 – Brian’s Morning Drink & Routine
04:51 – School & Early Entrepreneur Years
07:10 – Investments & Insurance
12:38 – Consumer Electronics
14:30 – Coding & Software Development
17:17 – MW Technologies
18:28 – Nashville & a New Direction in Tech
24:00 – CEO of Nashville Technology Council
31:55 – Role of Advisory Boards in Tech
35:59 – Giving Back with Advisory Boards
36:46 – Chair of S3 Recycling
39:52 – Implementing Advisory Boards
46:44 – Introduction to Venture Studios
53:02 – Venture Studio Process and Success Rate
57:15 – Rapid Fire Questions

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