Adventure, Leadership & Workplace Ecology with Allan MacKenzie

Episode 008

June 13, 2023

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What if you could transform your workplace into a thriving ecosystem that enhances talent, productivity, and communication? Join me as I catch up with an old friend and guest, Allan MacKenzie, a Teaching Professor of Leadership and Management at the W. Booth School of Engineering at McMaster University in Canada.

With an extensive background in outdoor adventure, Allan brings a unique perspective to his work at McMaster. We explore his journey from adventure tourism to corporate training and development, and how his experiences have shaped his approach to workplace ecology. Discover the importance of viewing organizations as living ecosystems and understanding them holistically. Allan shares his insights on biophilic design and the impact of bringing nature into the workplace. Listen as we discuss the benefits of a more human-centric approach to hiring and the crucial role of training and mentorship in today’s workforce.

As our conversation unfolds, we touch on the evolving landscape of business and leadership, and the importance of transferable skills in management. Allan discusses his work as an advisor, helping companies overcome obstacles and embrace new ideas in their approach to ecology and talent management.

Don’t miss this enlightening discussion with Allan MacKenzie. Grab your favorite chai tea and settle in for a captivating journey through leadership, adventure, and wildlife.

Allan MacKenzie
Teaching Professor, Leadership & Management
W. Booth School of Engineering
McMaster University in Canada
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Contents of this video:
00:00 – Introduction of Episode
01:53 – Allan Coordinates, Chai and Morning Wildlife
06:39 Outdoor Adventure and Leadership Guide
10:27 – Couples and Canoeing
13:53 – From Adventure to Business to Leadership
18:32 – 25 Years in Minutes
27:21 – Creating Restorative Work Environments
29:51 – The Impact of Biophilic Design
40:00 – Organization Enablers
45:09 – Ecology and Retaining Talent
53:39 – T-Shaped Professional
59:19 – Ecology and Advisory Focus
1:05:55 – The Importance of Questions
1:10:10 – Rapid Fire Questions
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