The Interplay of Inspirational Leadership and Human Capital with Dr. John O’Dwyer


July 7, 2023

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Growing up on a farm in Ireland, John O’Dwyer learned one thing – you’re never done learning. From milking cows, slopping pigs, to eventually becoming a highly regarded Adjunct Professor and Executive in Residence at University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, John’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and passion.

In our conversation, we explored the nuances of his transition from corporate finance to the world of academia, his unique insights on management systems, and the importance of leveraging human capital within organizations.

Dr. John is not just an academic. His career has seen him working in fields as diverse as accounting, corporate finance, aviation services and venture capital. He shares with us the challenges he faced in managing human capital, and emphasizes the critical role inspirational leadership at every level of an organization plays in overcoming these hurdles.

Our conversation also took us into our favorite topic, the power of advisory boards, and how the dynamic interplay between the CEO and their advisors can be a game-changer for organizations.

Join us for this captivating conversation with Dr. O’Dwyer, and take the opportunity to challenge your own status quo. You will not only be confronted by his directness but also gain valuable insights into leadership, management, and the limitless power of human potential.

By the end of our talk, it was clear that John’s wisdom, insight, and drive have not only shaped his own life but have the potential to impact the way we approach our own professional journeys.

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Contents of this video:
00:00 Introduction of Dr John O’Dwyer
02:40 Geographic Coordinates, Drink & Morning Routine
08:10 Growing up in Dublin and challenges in school
14:17 Accounting Degree to Academia career path
22:01 GettingItDone Course at Rotman School of Management
27:38 Purpose, Vision & Values
32:11 Bill Redden – managing of others is self management
34:29 The problem with “Human resource management”
39:24 Why people leave jobs
45:17 Experience with advisory boards and their benefits
50:55 The challenge of hub and spoke model in boards
55:03 Humble, hungry and smart advisors
56:55 Rapid fire questions