Leading the Global Advisory Sphere: Insights from Louise Broekman

Episode 11

August 24, 2023

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In this special episode of the Advisory Board {INSIDER}, I am thrilled to present a conversation with Louise Broekman, CEO and Founder of the Advisory Board Centre. Not just a leader, Louise stands as the “OG” in the advisory board arena, pioneering global standards and spearheading transformative research.

Journey into the heart of advisory boards as Louise, a remarkable thinker and hands-on practitioner, unfolds her vast reservoir of knowledge. Beyond titles and accolades, discover her unwavering commitment to the advisory board field. Louise’s research transcends mere academic boundaries, anchored in real-world application and fueled by an authentic drive to innovate.

As she charts her course through this intricate domain, her methods resonate with thorough, groundbreaking insights that have reshaped global expectations. Learn about Louise’s intriguing transition from a young 19-year-old restaurant owner to launching her HR business. Discover how her probing into leadership dynamics in isolated settings led her to craft distinctive models tailored for the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. She offers a window into her experiences helming virtual advisory boards and delves into the nuanced interplay between chair, advisor, consultant, director, and investor roles.

We further explore the pivotal role of ‘value exchange’ in decision-making and demystify the “power of three” concept for optimal decision outcomes. Gain insights into Louise’s predictions on future advisory board trends, the importance of understanding the role in advisory boards in governance systems, and her sage counsel on sidestepping prevalent missteps.

This episode not only promises a rich tapestry of insights but also a profound understanding of advisory boards’ role and relevance in our current business milieu. Be ready for a captivating exploration as we decode advisory board complexities and salute Louise Broekman’s trailblazing journey. The essence of this episode transcends mere knowledge, inviting listeners into the heartfelt moments that bring the advisory board world to life.
Louise Broekman
Founder & CEO of the Advisory Board Centre
Website: https://www.advisoryboardcentre.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/louise-broekman/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdvisoryBoardAU

PS: This is pure gold. Here is the link to the recently published State of the Market Report by Advisory Board Centre. https://www.advisoryboardcentre.com/our-research/state-of-the-market/

Contents of this video:
00:00 Introduction
01:28 Meet Louise Broekman
04:04 The Family Resort
06:38 Louise’s First Business
10:23 Becoming a Researcher
15:14 HR Coach International
18:53 Problem Solving vs Decision Making
24:13 Exploring Advisory Boards & Ethical Boundaries
33:30 Key Principles of Different Advisory Boards
38:17 The Value Exchange Model
50:51 Common Pitfalls
54:04 A Question for Tom
57:12 Rapid Fire Questions & Closing Remarks