From Branding to Advisory Boards: Scott Oxford on Portfolio Development

Episode 013

October 19, 2023

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In this episode of the “Advisory Board {INSIDER}” podcast, we sit down with Scott Oxford, a multi-talented individual leading a creative agency, hosting a podcast, and serving on advisory boards. Scott shares his journey, emphasizing that everyone, regardless of their level of expertise, is a learner in life. He also opens up about co-leading a successful business with his wife. We uncover his multi-dimensional approach to life, business, and advisory boards.

As the Founding Partner and Head of Strategy and Creative at New Word Order, Scott offers valuable insights into the world of branding. He discusses how branding is not just about logos or marketing but is a complex field that influences companies at multiple levels.

Scott is also the host of the Brand Jam podcast, where he explores the nuances of branding. In our conversation, we explore the subject, illuminating how branding intersects with various facets of business and life.

As a Certified Chair with the Advisory Board Centre, Scott offers a unique perspective on why he decided to add advisory board services to his professional capabilities. We learn about the decision to explore a portfolio career. He discusses his company experience determining if they should have one and the insights gained in the process. He the critical role they play in shaping company strategy and the attributes that contribute to a successful board.

Additionally, Scott shares why understanding people’s personalities, their deeper agendas and the difference between governance and advisory boards is essential. Listen in as Scott’s unique perspectives make this conversation a rich and insightful one.
Scott Oxford
Co-Founder & Head of Strategy and Creative
New Word Order –
Brandjam Podcast:

Contents of this video:
00:00 Intro
01:46 Meet Scott Oxford
04:59 Early Life & Career
11:14 Starting a Business
15:41 Running a Company With Your Spouse
18:35 New Word Order
20:52 Who, Not How
22:29 Advisory Board Experience
31:02 Finding the Advisory Board Center
35:40 The Goals of Getting Certified
45:21 Branding Yourself
48:56 Scott’s Superpower
54:55 Rapid Fire Questions & Final Words