Specialize In The Impossible

people who specialize in impossible

“What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.” wrote the American poet, Theodore Roethke. Specialist in the Impossible

I’ve been thinking a lot about this today and asking myself if I even consider the impossible in my life and business.

I’m pretty good at the possible.

I know I can grow my business 10 percent next year. I know I can eat and exercise and maintain my health. I know I can go on my typical summer vacation. I know I can write a few more articles this year and tape some more Thrive in 5 videos. I’m doing the possible.

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You Sell What You Are Sold On

You’re here because you want to know what I did to help my part-time staff increase their capacity to sell high priced items. If you haven’t read the article in SDB magazine, here it is again. Article Once I discovered the clue, I went to work on three specific things. 1. You sell what you…

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An Interview About The Book

This is a replay of an interview that I did on my podcast, the RIMproReport. Ian Thomas, my friend from O’Neil Software (who graciously sponsor the show) interviewed me about the book, writing it and more. This interview is different for me as I am normally the one doing the interview. Special thanks to Ian…

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The Story of My Life

It was in the small mountain town of San Felipe, Chile that I embarked on this amazing journey called life. My young Canadian parents were missionaries in Chile and I was the second child to arrive during their stay. At the time of my birth, my Dad was doing a religious broadcast on the local…

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What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

To the delight of my Irish friends, March is a month of celebration. A pint of Guinness and some green festivities mark their special day – St. Patrick’s Day. Within the revelry, the expressions of luck are exchanged. You have no doubt heard of the “luck of the Irish” that somehow has been connected to…

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O’Neil Conference Video

We’re just finishing the O’Neil Strategic Partner Conference. I’m on stage here with Ian Thomas proving how incredibly easy it is to leverage these events for your own marketing. Bottom line, yesterday the conference attendees got involved in the record center challenge. It was a combination of lip synch and music video. The teams were…

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All Quiet On The Western Front

You might wonder why it has been so quiet on the old blog recently… well, even longer than recently. You see, I am at work in my lair creating a pretty exciting new project… one that I am extremely excited about. It involves the whole of what I have spent years figuring out… and while…

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Want to get your digital pictures in order??

If you have a million pictures on your hard drive… like I do… then you need to take a look at this cool software I have been closely involved with since it’s birth. It’s called Fotobounce, and it is a really amazing face recognition tool that looks at your digital pictures and finds the faces…

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