Strategic Advisory or Consulting Services

The Intent

The goal of an advisory relationship or a one-time consulting engagement is for you to improve your organizational conditions by meeting mutually established goals that are expressed as defined outcomes. I bring my unique perspective, approach and expertise, as well as additional tools and resources to your situation in order to help you achieve your goals.

The Process

Initially, I will get an understanding of your desired goals and outcomes. This includes both a clear understanding of your current situation and what you are trying to accomplish. From there, a plan and proposal will be provided. Consulting work can take many forms, from meetings to training, to actual implementation and various other options. There is no standard formula.

Next Steps

If you are interested in a strategic advisory or consulting relationship with me, contact me via phone or form

I will respond to set up a time to discuss your situation, the process and availability with you.

Some Advisory Examples

Worked with two global industry associations to support a merger over a two year period. This included facilitation, mediation, developing the agreements and specifics of new bylaws, merger communications, implementation planning and more.

Supported the development of a new division within a large, national service company. Included the development of implementation plan, training key leaders, developing tools and resources, marketing and writing the specifications for mobile app. 

Over a two year period developed, delivered and assessed customer service training program with national shopping center company and all staff.  The goal was to improve and enhance the service experience of retail clients as well as shopping center visitors.