#16 Becky’s weekend update on Tom

February 19, 2017

Tom had a rough day on Saturday. The pain in his abdomen was really intense; not so much from the incisions, but as a result of his digestive system trying to work again. Doctor’s orders were to try to eat tiny amounts of really soft foods so his system could get used to processing things again. But that’s a lot easier said than done. He didn’t feel like eating, and when he did he had significant pain.

He’s doing much better today. He’s managing the soft foods better and if he continues to progress, he’ll move to soft solid foods tomorrow. He’s getting in at least 6 walks around the floor every day now too.

He’s been here long enough that the cycle of hospital workers’ which seems to be about 3 days long has changed back to the original group again. The hospital staff (food service, housekeeping, etc.) see him walking and then smile and wave enthusiastically from across the floor. They seem happy to see him again.

If everything continues to go well, he will be released from here on Tuesday. A lot of things must continue to go right, however, in order for that to happen. We’re confident it will happen though. As wonderful as the folks are around here, it will be nice to bust out of this joint.
Thanks for your ongoing support. It makes a huge difference to both of us.

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