#17 Home Again

February 22, 2017

Just around dinner time last night, Dr. W dropped into my hospital room asked if I felt like going home. Enthusiastically, I responded “Yes!”

Becky and I looked at each other and smiled in relief. We were free to go home.

I had resigned myself to stay for the night again, as the nurses had informed me that my doctor was really cautious, and I should not expect to go home.

But Dr. W confirmed that the results from the massive intravenous fluid hit earlier in the morning had worked and my numbers looked really good. Plus, my condition was strong enough for her to release me and she wrote up the paperwork.

Less than an hour later, after changing into street clothes and packing my gear, Nicki, my day nurse, stopped into my room to remove my IV tube, have me sign the paperwork and escort me to meet Becky and the car at the front of the hospital to drive home. In solidarity with one of my heroes, I chose to walk out the front door and refuse the wheelchair.

Emotionally and physically exhausted, now alone in the car, Becky and I cried as we exited the parking lot of Scripps Green Hospital. This last week has been one of the most profound of our lives. It’s still all very raw right now.

It will take time for us to metabolize the experience in a way that makes sense to share. And, I promise, I will.

For now, this update is to let you know I am now home, resting and recuperating.

I’m walking 1,200 steps through our neighborhood as many times as I can today and then resting again. Sweet, quiet rest. No interruptions every 20 minutes as has been the case this last week. With the frenetic activity of hospital living gone, I’m aware of how tired I am because of how little sleep I’ve had.

You may wonder about Becky. She too is resting. As much as I went through the actual surgery, she’s been by my side and through every other aspect of this process, solid as a rock. But, she’s also been managing our lives, being a Mom, business owner, as well as communicating with family, friends, you and many others at the same time. I am, without question, the luckiest man in the world to call her my wife.

I also want to specifically thank you today. Thanks for your thoughts, good wishes, prayers and support. Thanks for the messages sent through Becky or Janelle to me throughout the week. I was read every one of them.

You must know I have felt your presence. In every moment where I was feeling scared or uncertain, I reminded myself of the gift of your care. I am humbled and grateful.

As has been the case throughout this last week of my hospitalization, I will remain disconnected from the internet, email, cell phone, FaceBook and other communication media. My most important goal for the rest of this week and into next is to rebuild my strength, take infant steps with my new plumbing situation and adapt to this new normal. As my capacity increases, I will attempt to catch up on a more frequent basis.

A special thanks to our elite team at Flourish Press and WebVitality who have risen to this occasion and have gifted Becky and I with the ability to be focused on this period of surgery and recovery.

Again, thank you. I am truly blessed.

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