It’s All About Trust

Chris Brogan, co-author of Trust Agents says this…

“There’s no question that the Internet has changed the way we do business, especially when it comes to marketing. Consumer environments are short on trust and populated by consumers who are cynical, savvy, and informed. Though it’s easier than ever to reach your customers, it’s less likely that they’ll listen. Today, the most valuable online currency isn’t the dollar, but trust itself.”

I am frequently amazed at how often we assume we can sell our services, and not have done anything to build this trust that is so desperately required from us by our potential clients.

The big question you should be asking is this..

How can my marketing build trust INSTEAD of just pitching my services?

Billboards won’t do the trick here. Neither will basic sales language. You have to construct a more comprehensive set of marketing resources to support this kind of trust building.

More importantly it means you can’t be lazy anymore. It takes work to make trust happen.

What are you going to do about it?