Listening but not really hearing

Without question most of us really want to listen to our prospects, our clients… our market. And in many cases we have the tools and systems set up to listen.


Are we really hearing them?

There’s a great line in the movie ‘The Hunt For Red October.’ Maybe you remember it.

Jack Ryan, looking at a radar screen, asks “What are those destroyers doing?”

The Captain says, “They’re listening with sonar, looking for the Red October. Funny thing though- they’re moving so fast, they could run over my daughter’s stereo and not catch it.”

They’re listening. But moving so fast they can’t hear.

Does that ring true for you?

Are you moving so fast you miss the obvious clues your market is giving you?

Marketing is about listening. It’s not just about pitching.

And as we are all discovering, even the new social media requires us to listen first before we start sharing.

But if you are moving so fast you miss it, what good is listening?

Today’s I encourage you as I encourage myself to slow down enough to hear.