Passion means raising your voice sometimes

Mark Cuban, outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks talks about passion in his online blog.

I love what he says.

A byproduct of passion is saying exactly how you feel in a way that you know will get someone’s attention, and listening to exactly how someone else feels when they need to get your attention. All of this is my way of saying that I expect people who work for me to yell at me, and I expect them to know that at times I will do the same. If someone is pissed off, if they think I’m doing something wrong, or the wrong way, and I’m being too pigheaded to see it. Blast me.

I think sometimes we get so concerned that our staff respects us that we eliminate the opportunity for them to get our attention with us when we are preoccupied or are not willing to hear.

Cuban goes on to say:

I have told just about everyone who has ever partnered or reported directly to me, that I can get so focused or involved that I lose sight of something(s). When that happens, you have done your homework and are confident in your position, and when I don’t listen, raise your voice. Figuratively, literally, I don’t care. I don’t see decibels as a sign of disrespect. I see fear to communicate a needed message to me as a sign of disrespect. If you don’t care enough about our product, customer, company, employee, whatever it may be to step up and let me have it when I’m screwing up, then you don’t care enough to be here.

In the context of marketing, are you willing to raise your voice to your prospects? If you have a something that can help them, change them, save them… if what you have is valuable, why are you afraid to raise your voice about it?

Especially when what they are currently doing is hurting them, harming them or not giving them the results they deserve.

I’m not suggesting yelling at your customers… I’m encouraging you to speak up and tell them what they need to hear.

It’s scary to see a prospect or client doing something wrong and then calling them on it. You risk them rejecting you.

But if you are passionate about helping them and what you provide can do that, you’d be crazy not to.

If you are willing to give it… are you also willing to take it.

Are you willing to put yourself in the context of someone who is willing to passionate raise their voice at you as it relates to your marketing? It could be a coaching situation, a mastermind group… or with a makeshift “board.”

But you need to open yourself to others criticism, ideas and advice – even if it is done with decibels.