The Only Way To Improve Your Marketing

Everyday I talk with prospects and clients what I hear is your desire to improve- improve sales, improve marketing, improve web results, improve employee performance, improve time management, improve hiring process, improve efficiency, improve – improve- improve.

Here is the problem I see. You cannot improve what you don’t measure.

Case in point. I hear this one a lot from my clients.

“I want to improve my web site results.”

My question then becomes. “What results are you getting now?”

The answer I get most often.. “I don’t know”

My response: “How do we know if we are improving if we don’t know where you are now?”

So the best thing you can do is measure everything you want to improve. Religiously. Intensely.

In our Pay for Performance Lead Generation Web Marketing Management program we measure every single web action for our clients. We know who has been on their site, how long they stayed, which links they clicked, how many people clicked which links.

Everything I can measure I do. And by measuring all these things, I have the ability to know where I want improvement. Then I can set a goal allowing the measurement I do to confirm if I actually got some improvement.