What if you didn’t have a salesperson?

I have often asked my clients this question:

“If you didn’t have a salesperson (even if that person was you) to sell your services, what would you do? How would you get new clients?”

That answer is the foundation of your marketing plan.

What steps would you need to take to identify and find clients, woo them, engage them, qualify them and ultimately close them if you didn’t have the benefit of a person to do it?

If you think this task would be impossible, I suspect that your marketing program is limited in it’s ability to attract and move prospects towards you and to a buying decision. I would surmise that you place an inordinate amount of expectation on your salespeople (or yourself) to produce results… but don’t have the tools or tactics in place to give them a steady stream of prospects to talk to as a result of your marketing.

Something to consider today.