Naturalization Interview Study Guide

Here is the one page I created for myself to study for the naturalization interview questions. It is based on the whole concept of Pareto. What's the bare minimum I have to know in order to accomplish my optimal result?

So, rather than try to study the "red book" provided by USCIS which has multiple answers, or listen to the CD, or even use the multitude apps and resources out there, I realized that I only needed to know "one" answer from each question, not all of them. I also realized that the same answer applied to multiple questions. So, in order to study efficiently, I created a single page document with all the single answers I needed from the 100 possible options.

This made preparation really easy. One page to study. One page to carry around. Here it is if you need it.

Here is the PDF Download - Study Guide-Naturalization Interview

Here are my original notes.

Original Study Notes

Original Study Notes