My Thoughts

Listed and linked below are a series about my cancer journey as well as a lot of articles I've written over the years.


My Cancer Journey

My Other Musings Over The Years

Listening but not really hearing

Without question most of us really want to listen to our prospects,…

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Are You Remarkable?

Seth Godin writes in Purple Cow If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that…

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Positioning is Black and White

I rant about this regularly, but your positioning is critical. You must…

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Be Different, Not Just Better

I read Craig Terrels and Arthur Middlebrooks book entitled, Market Leadership Strategies…

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What if you didn’t have a salesperson?

I have often asked my clients this question: “If you didn’t have…

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Are you willing to say NO?

Service market leaders have found that success begins with limiting their focus…

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Passion means raising your voice sometimes

Mark Cuban, outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks talks about passion in…

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Is your business a monument to yourself?

Anita Sharpe, a contributor to Worthwhile Magazine writes about a conversation she…

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Are you normal?

In their book, Funky Business, Swedish business professors Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas…

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This Blond Gets It

As a passionate supporter of business people who use video effectively, Susan…

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It’s All About Trust

Chris Brogan, co-author of Trust Agents says this… “There’s no question that…

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This Video Is Incredible

Dan Pink talk is illustrated in a way that makes it stick.…

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