Tammy Jablonski

Woodbine Centre/ Fantasy Fair Manager, Toronto

"... Your enthusiasm is contagious and you have definitely given us all
something to talk about. (We're just fizzing all over)"

Joanne Warford

"You wowed and motivated audiences of all sizes wherever you delivered and they want you to come back for more. I'll certainly be calling you to do more work for us."

Mark Fenech

John Brooks Company

"Tom's unique style to involve the group throughout the seminar was a great way to improve the retention of what he was talking about. He is truly passionate about what he does and it shows."

Wendy Barron

ARA, Moncton NB

"The information given and how it was delivered may have saved my career. I now know some tools needed to perform better and hopefully create better employees."

Dr. Randy Whyte


"Tom Adams is an articulate, knowledgeable and dynamic motivational speaker. His energy and ability to work with a diverse group have my utmost admiration."

Dr. Richard Philpott

Whatman International, Kent England

"It was 0925 in Maidstone on December 2nd and I was a worried man. Pleasantly introducing himself was a similarly aged ex-preacher and shopkeeper in whose hands I had placed my next valuable hours.

Predjudice said "how can this person teach me (a PhD technologist; marketing professional; project management expert and director of an international company) anything except being nicer to my neighbour and chosing better ties. I silently decided to leave at the coffee break and made light conversation. All too soon it was 1630 and I knew my luck. I had accidentally walked into the best concise reminder in efficiency that I was likely to find for some considerable time."

Amin Bhatia

Bhatia Music

"Thanks again for your wisdom and inspiration."

David Sinclair

Blue Mountain Resorts, Collingwood

"Tom consistently accomplishes what every presenter hopes to accomplish: his audience was able to carry a message away and repeat key thoughts."

Joan Hughson

Husky Injection Molding

"Thanks for accommodating us on such short notice. Your ability to customize the program to suit our requirement was very well done. The overall response from the audience was very positive. One employee wrote, "Tom has a great energy level that transfers to the audience" and another wrote, "some very practical stuff that was actually useful."

Dani Korkegi

Cellular Junction, Fort Collins, CO

"You'll be pleased to know that all the folks you trained haven't quit talking about the class and you. They feel truly rejuvenated by all you had to teach (except for my one wayward salesperson who thinks he already knew all you had to say; ah well, there's always one!). Without a doubt, you are one of the most powerful (and listened-to) speakers I've heard. And, after 24 years in corporate, I've heard a few. If there was some way to coerce you to this part of the country in conjunction with any other trainings you may have nearby, I would be ecstatic."

Jeannine Trudel

Southmedic Inc. Barrie

"Keep up the great job Tom, you have an excellent attitude and
best of all a wonderful sense of humour - laughter is the best medicine!"

Mark Beedell

Diocesan House, The Church of England Diocese of Exeter

"Brilliant presentation, thanks! (This shouldn't take too long to read!!)"

John Klass

AVP Practice Leader, MD Management

"Tom is an excellent speaker who makes the whole undertaking look very easy. What the audience does not see are his completely thorough preparations and customization of the material into our company's situation, historical context and nomenclature. In every respect he exceeded our expectations."