The Rest of My Story

While I think my story gives you a glimpse into who I am... I also wanted to add some extra things that might help you to get to know me even more.

Breakfast Fiend

Breakfast is my favorite meal. By far.

Daily standard - eggs, toast with Nutzo PB and Strawberry - Rhubarb jam and Extra Dark French Roast coffee. A little taste of heaven. If it were my last day on earth, no question, my breakfast would be Whisky Porridge. Steel cut oats, heavy cream, brown sugar accented with a wee dram of single malt scotch - likely The Macallan 18.

Infinite Curiosity

I am infinitely curious.

Especially about you. What do you do? Why you do it? Who are you? What's your story? Tell me more. 

Single Malt Collector

Whisky Connoisseur

Despite many wonderful scotches, my favorite is still the 16 year old Lagavulin. Some who have tried it think it tastes a little like alcohol rubbed in a burnt log. I experience it as a warmth on a cold, wet day on the Scottish Isles with a wood fire burning.


I speak two languages

Canadian and Californian. I jump back and forth between the two.  "Out" and "about" seem to show my Canadian roots. "Dude" is indicative of California.

Grocery Shopper

I love grocery shopping.

I map out the store in my mind and write my shopping list to mirror where things are in the store. Then I shop. If you are willing, I'll give lessons. Some people might think I'm a little "OCD" about the whole process.

Farm Kid At Heart

"Farm Sense"

I spent many years as a kid on the farm. It instills a certain "farm sense" in you.  I secretly wish more people had it. I'm lucky that "she" has it. Fact is, we learned it on the same farm! 

Haircut Anxiety

Haircuts cause me a certain level of anxiety

My hair has been blessed with cowlicks and is directional challenged.  I cut the most obvious cowlick off at 4 years old. That didn't work out so well with the parental units. Most barbers since then have been more gentle on me. Lucky for me, gel and rapid growth cover a multitude of issues.

Opposite of Stage Fright

Stage 'Excite'ment

I prefer speaking to a group of 1000 people than 5.  Both are quite appealing though. There's an energy to it that thrills me. 


More to come...