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Losing Scott with Jill Fasken

Episode 19

August 2, 2022

Jill Fasken, the former owner of Colorado Document Security located in Grand Junction, Colorado joins Tom on this episode. Jill describes how she and her husband Scott started the company in 2003, and the growth and development of it over the years.

But, the primary focus of the conversation is how Jill responded and dealt with Scott’s unexpected death in the Fall of 2019, and the immediate and ongoing actions she took to lead the business forward. Learn how she transitioned from her administrative and financial roles in the business to fully running it despite the profound emotional loss she was experiencing. Jill also shares some of the lessons learned and insights gained from the last few years now that she’s fully exited the business.
Jill Fasken
Superhero, Grandma, Artist & Adventurer

You can read the transcript for this episode by clicking here.


Jill & Scott Fasken taken July of 2019