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Rising Tides with Stacey Lombardo

Episode 22

September 20, 2022

On this episode Tom chats with Stacey Lombardo of Infoshred based in East Windsor, Connecticut.

Stacey shares her entrepreneurial story of buying the shredding business 25 years ago and her amazing journey till now. Stacey was one of the earliest NAID members when it was first established. She shares her philosophy of “rising the tide” in the company and how that influences their perpetual focus on people and profit. You’ll hear how she manages by wandering around and using heart-based leadership to lift everyone on her team, self-described as the team’s Momma Bear. Stacey discusses some tactics she’s used recently, including her Open Forum and ones she’s employed for a long time, turkey’s for everyone on the team at Thanksgiving.
Stacey Lombardo
President and Founder

Read the transcript for this episode here.