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Shred Truck Insider with Guy Wakutz

Episode 27

November 29, 2022

Guy Wakutz, President of Alpine Shredders, a shed truck manufacturer based in Kitchener, Ontario joins Tom on this episode. Guy shares the current state of the shred truck industry as it relates to supply chain issues, costs and implications. He also recommends how business owners need to think about acquiring a new truck in the current market. He discloses an interesting statistic about how many trucks are being made that are for Non-CDL vs CDL drivers. Tom and Guy also discuss the differences between being a new shred operator versus a seasoned shredding business owner as it relates to their truck buying needs. Finally, Guy shares the biggest challenges he sees once companies have their trucks.
Guy Wakutz
Alpine Shredders

You can read the transcript for this episode by clicking here.