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Nathan Campbell on All Things i-SIGMA

Episode 29

January 10, 2023

On this initial episode of 2023, Tom chats with Nate Campbell, i-SIGMA’s CEO about current happenings and directions in the association. Nate became CEO of the association in August of 2022. He shares the story of his early start in the information management industry, and the road from then till present. In the conversation, Nate tells about his entry into the role of CEO and then explores some of the changes that are happening in the day-today and future of the organization, with a particular focus on the upcoming conference in the spring in Las Vegas. Along with an Exclusive Executives-Only Luncheon, you’ll learn more about the TopGolf event held during the conference. You’ll also get a chance to learn more about more personal things about Nate and his life.
Nathan Campbell
Chief Executive Officer

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