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Navigating Legal Pitfalls in Your Businesses with Attorney James Reid IV

Episode 36

April 18, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the complex world of employee law in shredding companies with attorney James Reid, who shares his expertise on navigating unconscious bias, employee relations, and legal pitfalls he’s observed in small businesses.

We discuss the importance of understanding protected classes, documenting performance issues, and having clear and transparent policies in place to minimize liability and maintain a positive work culture. Additionally, we explore the common mistakes related to exempt and non-exempt employees and the legal implications this can have on your business.

We delve into the importance of treating all employees equally and having clear, transparent policies in place to avoid perceptions of favoritism or discrimination. We also discuss the importance of consulting with external advisors when making decisions about employee structure and policies.

Join us as we unpack these challenging issues and provide valuable insights and advice on building a strong legal foundation for your business.

James M. Reid, IV