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Web Marketing for Shredders with Janelle Gilbert and Daryl Woytowicz

Episode 39

May 23, 2023

Discover the secrets of successful web marketing in your shredding business with Janelle Gilbert of WebVitality and Daryl Woytowicz of NetGain. Learn why shred-focused digital marketing is crucial for generating leads and growing your business. We cover everything from understanding the buyer’s journey to creating a holistic digital marketing strategy, so don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation!

We take a deep dive into the importance of the customer experience of your website, the differences in web marketing between shredding services and closely related services like medical waste or ITAD, and the number one mistake made by independent shredding operators. Janelle and Daryl also share their wisdom on the three major search avenues for shredders, the place of social media, the significance of tracking results and ROI, and how to create a website that not only looks great but also generates leads.

With the help of Janelle and Daryl’s expert guidance, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in web marketing for the shredding industry. Tune in for a fascinating discussion with two of the top web marketing experts in the shredding industry.
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