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From Rickshaw to Recycling to Shredding Success with Kristjan Backman

Episode 41

June 22, 2023

Get ready to explore the fascinating journey of Kristjan Backman, a recycling entrepreneur who started with a bicycle rickshaw business at 17 years old and went on to build Phoenix Recycling in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In our conversation, we uncover the stages Kristjan took to create a incredibly successful, full-service recycling, shredding and records storage business. We’ll discover how Christian differentiated his service with an additional layer of security, smaller particle size, and lower price point, and the impetus behind eventually selling the business.

Kristjan reflects on the lessons learned from the startup phase to the sale of the business, touching on the importance of ignoring negative opinions, being aware of market volatility, and utilizing data to build relationships. We also explore the potential of purchasing and green-fielding a shredding business, the fluctuating multiples within the industry, and the advantages of the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Join us to hear Kristjan’s inspiring story and great insights.
Kristjan Backman

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