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Exploring Entry Level Labor Hiring Strategies with Tony Ommani

Episode 42

August 3, 2023

The world of recruiting and hiring entry level labor staff in today’s market is extraordinarily challenging for shredding and destruction operators. Tony Ommani, the recruiting manager for a large consortium of companies that hires a lot of entry level labor employees for the consortium companies joins us to share his perspectives and experience.

Listen as Tony shares his wealth of knowledge on the unique dynamics of white-collar and entry-level labor, the impact of the gig economy, and the minimum wage becoming a thing of the past. In our conversation, Tony discusses the nuanced and competitive field of entry-level labor where value propositions have become as significant as paychecks.

In the post-COVID era, retaining employee interest and balancing work-life dynamics have never been more crucial. Tony digs into the grit of these challenges, sharing successful strategies and enlightening us on the necessity of maintaining a continuous recruitment process.

We also tackle the debate of traditional versus energized job ads and how to attract the right candidates by sustaining their attention with your mission statement.

Lots of valuable insights from Tony Ommani on the episode today.
Tony Ommani
Human Resources Executive,
Employment Services Inc. (ESI)


Special thanks to Katie Macintosh from Ameri-Shred for the connection to Tony.