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From Record Center Temporary Hire to i-SIGMA VP with Jennie Gift

Episode 43

August 17, 2023

Ever wondered what it takes to rise from a front desk role to becoming the VP of an industry-leading organization? Get ready to be inspired by the remarkable journey of Jennie Gift, the newly hired VP of Member Services at i-SIGMA.

Jennie’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the magic that happens when you seize every opportunity that comes your way. Jennie shares her experiences from her humble beginnings of answering phones at a RIM service provider Paxton Records as a temp worker, learning the ropes including industry software, understanding certification to managing the entire division for Paxton.

More recently she moved to the vendor side and worked with industry heavyweights, Shred Nations/Records Nations as well as CSR Privacy Solutions. She shares some of the insights she learned as she grew to work with many industry companies. Jennie also shares the lessons from both her role as the elected Corporate Partner representative on the new i-SIGMA Board of Directors to the wealth of experience from her involvement and local chapter leadership with ARMA.

Jennie’s commitment to fostering a positive culture, building meaningful relationships, and staying receptive to new possibilities is very inspiring. As she embarks on her new role and journey with i-SIGMA, she aims to make a significant contribution to the Association while helping members grow their businesses.

We not only celebrate Jennie’s accomplishments but cheer her on in her ambitions to help create a better future for the RIM industry through her new role in it.

Jennie Gift
Vice President of Member Services