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Transportation Security Innovation with Greg Haber

Episode 44

August 31, 2023

Ever wondered how security intersects with every facet of modern transportation? I’m excited to introduce you to the mastermind steering the ship at Babaco Alarm Systems, Greg Haber.

Babaco is an innovator in the realm of transportation security. Greg delves into the challenges faced across multiple industries, emphasizing the importance of driver-focused solutions and security trends. With Babaco’s in-house designs and a notable patent portfolio, they’re at the forefront of addressing these challenges head-on.

The conversation steers towards the safeguarding of assets being transported by your business. With a wealth of knowledge at his disposal, Greg unveils the significance of process enablement and system security. He shares his wisdom on the role of a self-locking mechanism, the essentiality of conducting regular spot checks, and the steps to take when the field process deviates from the expected plan.

Ever heard of GPS jammers or AI detecting potential threats on the road? Gear up as we navigate through these innovative topics, going into details about how these cutting-edge technologies are transforming vehicle security. Learn about the ‘WAIRE Program” in Southern California and the revolutionary impact this carbon footprint recording initiative could have on the industry. As we wrap up, we discuss the importance of continually developing new strategies to stay at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry. Tune in for a knowledge-packed journey!
Greg Haber
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