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Frontline Hiring Tactics with Fletcher Wimbush

Episode 46

October 12, 2023

In this timely episode of the Shred Coach podcast, I sit down with Fletcher Wimbush, an expert in talent acquisition and frontline hiring. Dive into the mind of a man who, from a young age, has dedicated his life to understanding and perfecting the art of bringing the right people together to form an unstoppable team. From being the captain of his football team at 16 to leading major organizations, Wimbush’s journey is filled with insights on how to build greatness through strategic hiring.

Fletcher underscores the significance of having the right individuals on board, emphasizing that the magic truly begins when the perfect synergy of talent aligns. His approach is holistic, considering both the technical skills and cultural fit when selecting candidates. Through the episode, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of talent acquisition, strategies for effective frontline hiring, and the subtle nuances that often make all the difference.

Fletcher and I delve into some of the common pitfalls companies face in the hiring process and discuss transformative solutions to overcome them. We also touch upon the evolving landscape of talent acquisition in the digital age and how organizations can stay ahead of the curve with really practical advice. Don’t miss the section on how to do effective and illuminating reference checks. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Here are the exclusive giveaways Fletcher mentioned in the episode!

Learn more about Fletcher’s company and his Discovered Performance Hiring Software.

Fletcher Wimbush
Website: DiscoveredATS