You Sell What You Are Sold On

You’re here because you want to know what I did to help my part-time staff increase their capacity to sell high priced items.

Once I discovered the clue, I went to work on three specific things.

1. You sell what you know.

I wanted them trying on and wearing the clothes I wanted them to sell. I required my part-time staff to actually try on the most expensive suits in the store. I wanted them to feel the difference in the fit, the fabrics but more importantly, how it made them look.

2. You sell your experiences.

I took them shopping. I accompanied them to other menswear stores where I had them shop for the expensive clothes. I wanted them to experience the act of shopping for high quality clothes. I wanted them to see how it felt. I wanted them to imagine that they were buyers of great clothes. My intention was to have them try on the best stuff not the cheap stuff. But also, I wanted them to see how someone sold them these clothes.

3. You sell what you are sold on.

This was the final part of the transition. Most importantly, I got them to talk and explain what it was like to wear the best clothing. I let them sell themselves on it. I had them create personal wardrobe choices from new stock each season within different budget ranges. I had them get excited and passionate about the new clothes.

The Outcome

The results were quite amazing. My part-time staff actually started to sell higher prices clothes because of this process. And in the process, I learned an important lesson.