The Video Training Series


In this video, I delve deeper into the topic of understanding the underlying theories, beliefs, and mental models that drive our thinking and actions in business. As individuals, every one of us have our own set of theories, beliefs and mental models that shape the way we do things, the way we think, and the way we operate in our businesses and lead people. These models and beliefs often become unconscious and automated, and we tend to live on autopilot in the things we do or say.

But it’s not that we don’t think, or that we don’t decide how we’re going to work with a particular employee issue or deal with a financial problem that comes up. It’s just that a lot of times, we don’t question or examine the underlying structure that drives our thinking. We haven’t really looked at these underlying beliefs, mental models, and theories that shape our actions and decisions.

Over the years, I have discovered that in order to change the actions I take and the way I think about things in my business, it is essential for me to drop beneath the surface level thoughts I have about my business, and start thinking about my thinking. This concept is called metacognition, and it’s a way of viewing my actions, thinking, and doing things from a meta perspective, where I can analyze and understand the underlying drivers of my behavior.

I believe that high-level leaders, intelligent, and capable executives have the ability to articulate these underlying theories, beliefs, and mental models, so they can understand why they do what they do. But more importantly, they can pressure test these beliefs to ensure that they stand up based on what’s happening in their world, in their business, in their leadership, and in their decision-making. If these mental models, beliefs, and theories are not working or living up to their potential, they can be adjusted, edited, changed, or outright, discarded if they are not serving them.

My goal for you as the viewer of this video is to help you develop a stronger metacognition. I want you to think more about your thinking, and that’s why I’m sharing these foundational videos and coaching videos, to help you process this level beneath the surface level thinking. Rather than just thinking about your shredding and destruction business or information destruction services, I want you to think about the underlying things that drive those.

As I share these videos in this section, as well as throughout the whole shred coach program, I want you to take these mental models that I deliver, as frameworks and not just think about them as they relate to your business, but go beneath the surface and question how your current thinking stacks up against what I am saying. Remember, these are mental models, beliefs, and theories that I have deconstructed for myself, and if they don’t work for me over the long run, I change them. But the point of me delivering them in these foundation modules is for you to be able to apply them in your own business and leadership, and see how they work for you. So I encourage you to take this information and use it to improve your metacognition, and in turn, improve your business and leadership.