Need an Independent Advisory Board Chair?

I help you to plan, implement, and then chair your Advisory Board using Best Practice Principles and Process. I provide a proven roadmap with a framework and structure to insure success.


Engage a Best Practice Approach to Your Formal Advisory Board

As a Certified Chair, my skills and capabilities are uniquely positioned to support you and your organization with Independent, best practice leadership of your Advisory Board. I bring my rich history of Executive Coaching and Advisory work in multiple industries and companies to support your unique situation and requirements.

If you are looking to start an Advisory Board, we begin the process with a Board Starter Program to ensure the optimal formation. Once the Board is established, then my role moves into serving as your Chair.

As your Chair our working relationship will traverse helping you to prepare for and respond to the quarterly meetings but also to bring mentoring and focus to the decisions made. I'll work with you to develop next steps, as well as evolving the advisory board members to support you and your goals.

Fit for Purpose Matters

When you establish a formal Advisory Board, your first step is to find the right Independent Chair to work with you. Given that you are visiting my page, I'll assume you are considering me.

If you’re considering working with me as your Advisory Board Chair, we’ll want to have a deeper conversation to assess whether we're a good fit. I hold the Certified Chair designation from the Advisory Board Centre. The Advisory Board Centre is the leading professional body globally, improving the advisory board sector through research, best practice frameworks and certifications.

My Advisory Board Chair Fees

Your fees for engaging me as your Certified Independent Chair for your formal Advisory Board are based on the final agreement we make, but here are some ranges to consider.

A Formal Advisory Board

  • The Advisory Board Starter Program: $12,000 for 60-90 day period.
  • Advisory Board Chair
    • For a formal advisory board structure for a business doing $3M or less, your fee is $4,000 per month for me to serve as your Independent Chair.
    • If you are larger, the scope is often more complex and the fee can range from $4,000 to $10,000 per month.

Ad Hoc, Project or Pop-Up Advisory Board

  • The Board Starter Program: $12,000 - $24,000 for 60-180 day period, depending on requirements
  • For pop-up or ad hoc advisory boards with shorter timelines or a specific result, fees will be based on the actual scope of the project. Assume a minimum of $4000 per half day.

Other Fees

  • Depending on who you hire as an Independent Advisor to serve on your Board, they will often charge between $2k and $4k per quarterly, 1/2 day meeting.
  • While Zoom is now a completely effective way to meet, it is often useful to have at least one in-person, full-day meeting per year. Travel and accommodation fees for myself and other board members who must travel would be extra.

This means your total annual investment will be $50,000 for your Chair, and $8k-$12k per additional Advisor. Your total investment would be in the range of $60k – $100k if you were to engage me as an Independent Chair plus two independent Advisors on your formal Advisory Board. Compare that to the  $200k-$500k for a Board of Directors structure. While they serve different purposes, and is not an apples and apples comparison, it should give you a sense of the comparative investment parameters.

Want to discuss the possibility of me serving as your Advisory Board Chair?