Real World Challenges? Lets have thoughtful conversations about them.

A thought partnership with me is the regular practice of sharing ideas and experiences to help you navigate the complexity you face in your life and business.


As a Thought Partner, I offer a unique perspective and set of skills to help you as a business or organizational leader navigate personal, professional, and leadership issues and how they intersect. I bring an experience-based perspective, a genuine curiosity about key issues, and a range of listening and question-asking skills to assist you in formulating better thinking about your present situations, your past experience and your future.

My role as a thought partner is to understand the subject at hand for you, the values you are operating from, the outcomes you desire, and to mobilize a variety of communication tools to support your thought process.

I ask good questions, am sensitive to the values and ultimate purposes you have as a leader within your organization, and although I challenge "business-as-usual" assumptions, I am non-judgmental about your ideas and viewpoints.

I challenge you to think better and to assume a creative perspective in order to solve what are often seemingly intractable problems. Above all, I am committed to you as the one who is thinking through a question or seeking clarity, and offer support, safety, powerful questions, accountability, and a patient presence for your thinking journey. I act as a catalyst for clarity and confidence for you in the quest for richer thoughts.

With over 30 years of experience, I have served as a Thought Partner to business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs across multiple industries and organization sizes. My extensive experience has provided me with the skills and knowledge to help leaders achieve their goals and reach their full potential. If you are seeking a fresh perspective and a unique approach to problem-solving, I am here to help.

How I work with you as a Thought Partner:

  • We'll have an introductory meeting to clarify the process. I may send you questions to get the pump primed.
  • We'll schedule two, 60-minute thinking sessions a month – on Zoom.
  • I'll offer a dedicated communication app – for fast brainstorming, Q&A or random thinking challenges.

Your Investment

  • Your investment is $6,000 for 6 months of Thought Partnership support, payable in advance.
  • IMPORTANT: This is not a coaching agreement. This is a Thought Partnership, to enhance your thinking about your life, role, project, idea, business or anything else.
  • Please note: I have a no refund policy on this agreement because I choose to work with people who play full out. If you’re in, you’re fully in. It’s called Commitment. You’re a Hell Yes. Or you’re a Hell No. Nothing in between.

Ready to engage in deep, powerful conversations?