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I have been speaking in public since 6th grade. A professional speaker for more than 10 years, it's been said that I consistently leave audiences wanting more. Click here to read some of the testimonials from my audiences.

To obtain information about my availability to speak at your event, please fill out the form on the Contact Page or call my office at 858-356-5668.

Recent Speeches

Disaster Preparedness of the Personal Kind

Business owners, entrepreneurs and executives often anticipate unexpected business events and prepare for them in the form of preventative or contingent actions. Insurance, equipment maintenance, disaster recovery plans and data backups all serve to help you be prepared for these difficult business realities.

But, most, if not all leaders are completely unprepared to face an intense personal crisis or disaster, and the related effects it could have on both them and their business. When a major personal event like a debilitating sickness, relationship crisis, family breakup or personal breakdown occur, it can wreak havoc on you and on your business.

Join Tom Adams as he shares the lessons he's discovered since his Stage 3 cancer diagnosis in the fall of 2016. Along with his own experience, he'll share other insights gained from his years as an Executive Coach. At the end of the session, you'll have a personal disaster preparedness roadmap that will support you if a crisis does occur and, in doing so, help save your business as well.

Insight Takes A Moment, Mastery Takes A Lifetime

This is a 5 minute speech I gave at a conference recently. The rules of this specific type of speech require it to be 5 minutes in length, with 20 slides that rotate automatically every 15 seconds. One of the hardest speeches I ever had to give. I hope you find it helpful.

You Are The Logo - Keynote Speech

Here is the keynote speech I gave during the NAID International Conference in 2012 for the launch of my book, You Are The Logo. It can be replayed in it's entirety for your learning.

The Four Quadrants of Leadership

This speech was delivered at the PRISM International Conference in Palm Springs June 6, 2014.


How To Position Your Company & Personal Brand to Gain Access to the C-Suite

This speech was delivered at NAID Annual Conference in Phoenix on April 6, 2014. Please note with apology: there was some wireless interference on the microphone that created a intermittent whining sound in the audio of this speech.

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Trust Speech by Tom Adams - Animated

Trust Based Sales and Marketing: What Every B2B Company Needs To Employ

Many businesses have been built on a strong sales model. Cold calling, knocking on doors and networking. What if the traditional approaches you've been taught about the sales and marketing were actually detrimental to your success? What if your attempts to sell in the way you have been are wrong for these current times?

In this speech, Tom will describe a more effective way to improve your sales results by not trying to sell at all. He'll encourage you to set a new goal - to build powerful trust with your prospects. Then he'll provide examples and actions you can take to implement it in your own business.

This animation was done by the amazing Knox Adams on an except of a speech delivered by Tom Adams in 2013.