My Credits

It takes a village to support me and what I do. This page dedicated to these very special people in my life. I've also linked to my recommended tools, as they are the structure on which I build.


My Wife, Partner & Best Friend: Becky Adams is my secret sauce. Without her, I am a dust in the wind. With her, I can be my best self.

My Producer: Fynn Cuthbert is the bomb. An talented composer, musician and performer, Fynn supports me editing all my podcasts and videos, manages all my social media and does all sorts of crazy projects for me on a regular basis.

My Design Team: Knox Adams & Fynn developed the original designs on The Shred Coach Podcast artwork. Lori Osinga developed the design of the Advisory Board Insider podcast artwork.

My Web Team at WebVitality:  Fynn and Knox manage my website for me. Sawyer handles the hosting and 2nd level technical support. Lori manages maintenance and podcast platforms. Janelle keeps all the trains running on time.

My Photographer: Robert Nowell is an award-winning photographer based on St Catharines, Ontario. Not only is he a seasoned pro, he’s a Professor. The day with him in his studio was an absolute pleasure.


My Tool Recommendations: This is an overview of my current toolkit. It changes year to year, so this is the most up to date version of it.