Need A Capable Presence to Facilitate Your Critical Meetings?

When you know the questions and have all the information to answer them, but need a calm, stable presence to help manage your strategic leadership conversations, I can help.  


Facilitation That Delivers Results

My Unique Perspective

As a facilitator, I bring a unique blend of skills to the table. My background in coaching CEO's and executive teams for over 20 years has given me a wealth of experience in supporting the very problems you're struggling with. I'm a good listener and can succinctly summarize key ideas, but I also offer my own perspectives and I'm not afraid to call out hard truths or the elephant in the room. I bring my intuition, insights and pattern recognition to bear in supporting interactions that work and guiding conversations towards meaningful outcomes.

Addressing The Issues

You can’t afford to overlook the potential adverse impact of commonly-held biases and mental models. These tend to have a lot of power when the decisions we are making are infrequent and the results of these decisions are often way out in the future. I work to ensure these are exposed and neutralized in order that they don't impact the outcomes. I'm also adept at surfacing the elephants and unspoken issues that need to be addressed and hold space for them in the meetings.

The Process

A facilitated session is a highly-structured meeting in which I guide you and your meeting participants through a series of predefined steps to arrive at a result that is created, understood and accepted by all participants. I do not dictate the solution but, instead, I engage a focused process accompanied by proven engagement strategies to optimize group dynamics and help the group maximize its results. In many cases, that result are the decisions made in the meetings and then the commitment made to them by your entire team.

Impact Orientation

It's not enough to just make these decisions, it's crucial to translate them into action. I recognize the difficulty organizations face in translating strategic decisions to action, so I work to ensure your team also have ways and means to overcome inertia. My focus is to ensure that your team is ready to move and take action on the decisions made during the facilitated session.

My Process and Fees

My facilitation includes pre-work to gather and synthesize the inputs, evaluate stakeholders, break the decision-making into manageable parts and structure the required session(s).

My approach prioritizes listening and synthesizing, exercises to question assumptions and stretch thinking, and of course, finding the sources of energy and fun!

You or someone on your team is responsible for formal note-taking during our sessions. I will provide review of my insights via video message after the day together. I do not provide a formal report unless agreed to in advance.

Final fees will be determined after understanding your requirements. For context, my fee for a one-off facilitation is $10,000 per day, plus all travel & accommodation expenses, plus pre-work fees - depending on scope. This may include advance interviews with all meeting participants, related stakeholders or even employees or customers.

Ready to make your strategic meeting better?