You Are The Logo Book

You Are The Logo

A book by Tom Adams

There is an opportunity to ensure powerful competitive positioning in a marketplace where clients pay your true worth. You can be in a place where you stand out and have an unfair advantage in your prospect market.

You can have a line of clients waiting and wanting to business with you.

Are you tired of being invisible to your prospects and having to resort to chasing them?
Are you struggling to have your business stand out in your marketplace?
Are you getting pulled down by commodity comparisons and fighting based on the lowest price?

The secret to positioning is YOU.

You Are The Logo™ is a marketing process that I have developed and practiced, more fully explained in my book, You Are The Logo.  In the book, I explain that marketing success can be tied to owners, executives or professionals who lead their businesses by becoming the visible marketing force for their companies.

As an owner, executive or professional, marketing your business can be daunting. Your market is filled with competitors that not only do what you do, they look like you too. It's hard to stand out and achieve prominent status when the services you offer show no appreciable difference from theirs. To succeed, you must do something radically different!

In my book, I describe a compelling opportunity to distinguish your business in the marketplace by becoming its visible, magnetic, personal marketing icon. You'll learn why becoming the face of your business is important, what you need to do to achieve that, and how to do it with personality.

Competition is a major factor for almost every industry. You won't have a successful business just because you exist. You must have a strong and compelling positioning that sets you apart. Becoming the "Logo" for your business is a proven way to do that.

I consistently work with business owners, executives and professionals to lead, nurture and guide them to implement effective You Are The Logo™ marketing in their industry and local prospect markets.

In order to help and support you, so you can become the Logo for your business, Tom and the team at Flourish Press have created this support resource:

The You Are The Logo™ Getting Started Process (a 15-step set of activities designed to guide you through the foundation of the You Are The Logo marketing process)