I Recommend...

Over the years I have tested and tried many products and services. Here is my ever-evolving list of preferred tools and resources that make up part of my continual business process. As you can see, I am a true studio hardware geek.

The Podcast Studio Gear


Heil PR-40 Microphone

My go-to mic when it comes to all things audio in the studio.  


Shure SM7B Microphone

I also have this mic as a backup or as a secondary mic for guests or co hosts.


Electro-Voice RE50/B ENG

The EV RE50 is perfect for any interviews I do in the field. This mic also plugs into my video camera for exceptional quality video interviews.


PRE-73 MK11 Vintage Pre-Amplifier

The studio mics feed into this, which adds some nice color and vintage sounds to the voice.


Behringer Xenxyx X1204 Mixing Board

The sound also goes through this mixing board which gives us control of so many aspects in the tone of the voices.


Behringer Multicom Pro-XL Compressor, Limiter & Gate

The goal is to remove as much phone line hiss as possible. This the feeds back into my mixer.


Roland Edirol R-09-HR Digital Recorder

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones

I listen to the entire process on these headphones which fit my head like no others and are incredibly comfortable for listening and editing.

The Video Studio Gear


Panasonic AC-130

My pro video camera is a Panasonic AC-130. This camera runs completely on SD Cards and is a gem to work with. Dual XLR inputs. Full 1080 HD.


Manfrotto 546B Tripod System

The camera is mounted on a Manfrotto 501 HDV Pro Video Head with Manfrotto 546B Tripod System. 


Prompter People Flex-D-11 Teleprompter

Also mounted on the tripod is an 11inch Prompter People teleprompter which can be driven by my iPad using the Teleprompt+ app.


Sennheiser EW112-pG3 Camera Mount System with the ME2 Lavalier Mic

Great Stuff

Third Party Tools and Services


Final Cut Pro X

Video editing is done with Final Cut Pro X on my iMac. There were horror stories about this software, but frankly, I love it.


Adobe Audition

All editing of podcasts and audio happens on Audition



I live in my Trello Daily To-Do board. I'd be lost without it. We use it for all projects in the company as well. 



Within our company, we also use Slack, a team communication tool. It saves a ton of inter-office email and gives us a channel for each client account.



Evernote for all my notes about everything. While I have tried a lot of other tools for productivity, these two continue to win out.