Getting Started


You Are The Logo Book

"You Are the Logo"

by Tom Adams

The Steps to Getting Started

Your Personal Story

Spend a few minutes thinking about your life, then begin to map out your personal story.

Look at your life as a collection of events that has brought you to today.

Reach back into your memory and start from early on in your life, and make a bullet list or a list by age of your life events.

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Watch the first 6 minutes of the Steve Jobs speech below. It's all about the dots in his life -- the kind of dots that I want YOU to identify in your life.

Your Personal Uniqueness

What is personal uniqueness? They are the things that give shape to your personality, create bonds with other people, and help you to seem more real and more human.

The worksheet below contains different examples to get you thinking. Write out a copy of characteristics that make YOU human.

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Spend some time working on this step and when you are ready, click the button below to move onto Step 3: Your Public Persona. Remember, if you aren't ready to move on to the next step yet, that's ok! I'll be sending you an email reminder. You can always come back to it when you are ready.

Your Public Persona

Your persona is the social role you play. In your role as the Logo for your business, you will need to craft a certain public persona for yourself that you become known for. This is not a fake persona -- it should be an authentic expression of yourself. It's the way you present yourself in public settings related to marketing.

As outlined in the video above and in my You Are The Logo book, there are many different types of personas. Do not try to reinvent yourself, rather, take your personality and craft it into a persona that will work for you.

Download the worksheet below and use it to craft your public persona. Be sure to use the worksheets from your personal story and uniqueness to help guide you.

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Once you feel comfortable with your public persona, then move on to Step 4: Outline Your Current Business Story.

Outline Your Current Business Story

Now that you've spent some time on your personal story, I'd like you to move the focus onto your business.

I want you to think about the origins and story of your business, as well as address the kinds of services that you offer.

In the download below, I've laid out the questions in stages for you to follow. Spend time answering them in bullet or simple response form.

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Click the button below when you're ready to move onto Step 5: Define Your Perfect or Optimal Client.

Define Your Perfect or Optimal Client

Now you have compiled a list of both personal and business related things that make you unique and different. Let's turn the focus to your ideal client.

Pretend your ideal client is one person and describe this person in as much detail as possible. Take some time to think about this one. It's an important step to learn how to market to your prospects.

Use the worksheet below to create bullet points and outline who your perfect or optimal client is.

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Once you have a clear idea of who your ideal client is, then we can find out what their needs are in Step 6: Define the Problem, Predicament or Pain. Continue when you are ready!

Define the Problem, Predicament or Pain

You should now have a solid idea of who your ideal client is and what is going on in their lives. Now I need you to dig deeper and figure out what problem, predicament or pain your client faces. Try to come up with at least one and I encourage you to try to create three.

The worksheet below helps you identify the problem and the result they get from your involvement in the situation.

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This is a crucial step. You can radically change your marketing for the better if you can pinpoint the problem, predicament or pain of your optimal client. When you're ready move to Step 7: Powerful Personal Introduction.

Powerful Personal Introduction

The previous step may just be one of the most powerful things you can do for your business.

In this step, the Powerful Personal Introduction, let's put the focus back on YOU. I want you to craft your personal introduction.

The worksheet below helps you create your personal introduction into something interesting and solid.

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I hope you can learn from this exercise and see how interesting your personal introduction can be. When you're ready, move to Step 8.

Rehearse and Record Your Personal Introduction

Now that you have crafted your powerful personal introduction in the previous step, it's time to record it!

The worksheet below gives you instructions on how to create a YouTube account and then upload your video to the comments box below.

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I hope you can learn to become more comfortable in front of the camera and with your new personal introduction.

Your Getting Started Next Steps

Cheers and thank you for your interest and dedication to becoming the logo for your business.